Separation is something that takes its toll on every single pair or group of friends who have to separate. This is more so if these two friends served their country together. For Sergeant Tom Hanson, this was not different. After spending so much time in the army with his great friend Taylor, leaving him behind was not easy. However, when service dogs in the military finish their time, they are put up for adoption and this was Taylor’s time. The first on the list of adopting homes was Tom and he could not wait to see Taylor, whom they called Tay Tay in the army come back to him.
In most times reuniting these dogs with their owners can be a bit hard. However, Molly, a retired veteran attendant for United took it upon herself to ensure these old friends get to meet and spend the rest of their lives together. She has done it four times before and here she is taking Taylor to Sergeant Tom for their perfect reunion

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