Firefighters become heroes when they rescue 6 pitbulls from suffocating inside a burning house.


Sandusky County residents and Rising Sun firefighters teamed up to save the man’s best friends who were inside a house that had caught fire. This news has caught the internet by storm because the saved were dogs and not human beings.The incident happened last Tuesday at the home and at the time of the tragedy, the owners were not around. The firefighters claimed that it was their duty to save everyone in need even if it was not a human being. Chuck krotzer, one of the firefighters, revealed that they went to the house to see if someone was around but all they could hear were noises which never distinguished if they were of a person or animals. Upon getting inside the smoke filled house, they found the dogs and had to save them from suffocating.Tiffent Egbert, the owner of the dogs, said that she was very grateful for having saved her dogs. Currently, the dogs are at a shelter while Egbert is finding a new home to take the pups with her.

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