From a Stray Puppy to a Jovial Adult


A young puppy is rescued and helped to recover. She was suffering from undernourishment and mange. During the process, the puppy is ecstatic and can’t help dancing. She remains jovial and jumps around as she plays. It’s like she recognizes improvement in her situation.
Even after the recovery and long afterwards, she continues to dance. She is a real joy and brings about happiness. Moreover, the puppy develops into a strong and healthy dog that anyone would love. She has no bits of sadness in her.
This perfect friend is available for adoption and anyone who wishes to add a bundles of joy to his home, can go for this friend. She looks beautiful and her personality is something that you will like right from the beginning.
She was saved by Save a Greek Stray and has been under their care up to this point. She is a healthy dog and has come a long way from when she was first rescued. She is easy and will lighten your days. You can as well donate to Save a Greek Stray to help save many more dogs.

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