Getting rid of the crushing weight


Getting rid of the crushing weight

Well! It is a story of a 15 year old kid born with a lot of extra pounds. He was putting on a hundred pounds a year by the age he reached his teens. He was over 700 pounds at his heaviest. Being a huge built of 6 feet 5 inches, Jacob’s weight was literally crushing him. He was having multiple medical issues besides the social problems in the form of bullying and a laughing stock at school. He was unable to enjoy the family gatherings and hangouts with friends. Jacob was having a crushing weight with Diabetes and the doctors attributed his abnormal growth to the hormonal problems.

However, Jacob Miller had a life changing experience by having a surgery. Although it was risky but there was no other choice. He underwent the surgery for 3 and a half hours and within 6 months after surgery, he was able to lose around 200 pounds with a strict diet plan, his diabetes is now under control and he is having a lot better life than earlier.

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