Grandma Didn’t Steal The Car But Stole Everyone’s Heart


When taken out for a rambunctious joyride, an adorable grandma trusted her grandson. She held on as he cut wheelies and sped around in a parking area, and didn’t think much of it when heasked the elderly lady to just get in the drivers seat. so he could take a few photos for the family.
The mood suddenly changed when two cops photo bombed the scene. The copsasked them both to step out of the car, and informed them they were under arrest.
“Mam, did you know this car was stolen?” the officer inquired. The women was dumbfounded, but kept her dignity while they asked her if she had guns or drugs in the car. Then the cops read her the Miranda rights, but added something strange at the end: “Happy Birthday!”
The young man who played this joke on her reappears with flowers and a cake. Grandma is impressed but ends up smearing some of the cake on her prankster grandson, as she too has a sense of humor. A good time was had by all. Luckily, the car was not stolen, the cops were in on the prank, and no one went to jail.

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