Grieving Mom Texts Dead Son And Gets A Reply


In this video, we see a news interview wherein a mother recaps her story of her conversation with her son Tailor wherein he tells her he loves her and how grateful he is for all the things she’d done for him. Tailor had previously joined the army and went on to train to become a state trooper. During a ride-along with another trooper, just as he had almost finished his training, he was killed on the road by a motorist who didn’t stop when they were supposed to.

Tailor’s mother continued to text Tailor out of grief and hadn’t stopped the conversation for quite some time. One day, a police officer who recently acquired a new phone number, one which happened to be Tailor’s, texted back, breaking the trend of Tailor’s mother’s one-sided phone conversation. The police officer in question offered to change his number out of respect for the mother, but instead they continue to talk to this day as the grieving mom texts him, making sure he is safe on the job.

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