Guaranteed to Make You Smile: This Adorable Baby Pig Wake Up From His Slumber


Ever been in a deep sleep and have someone wake you up? As gentle as they try to be, we all end up being startled and looking like a deer in headlights – or in this case, a baby pig under a light. This video of a baby pig waking up reminds me of every time I’ve been woken up, and I may have even sounded like this too.
As the owner comes in to shoot the video of this baby pig coming out of his slumber, she walks up quietly to where he is sleeping. It’s just a cardboard, makeshift pen with a little cedar shaving and a heat lamp, but you can tell this adorable piglet is quite cozy. So, why is his owner doing this to him when he’s nestled so nicely in his pen? Probably because the result is both funny and heartwarming!
This darling little pig is so cute, and after he figures out what just happened, he seems so genuinely excited to see his owner. His little oinks are more like the squawks of a bird, but there really isn’t anything cuter than this. If you’ve never thought of getting a pig for a pet, this may just change your mind. I want a lovable little pig this this, too! Check out the video and see how adorable this sweet little baby pig waking up is. So sweet!

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