He Adopted A Blind Cat. What They Did Together? Wow!


Every person has their own special needs in life. Some require just a little more care and attention, and we often see this with labels on humans as people will have special needs children in wheelchairs or others that just need extra care.

Animals can suffer similar afflictions and need that same amount of extra care, but can do many of the same functions as if they had no disabilities. This calico cat called Honeybee is a blind cat that was rescued in Fiji. She enjoys hikes in the woods with her humans and even stops to take snack breaks as well. Using a harness she often stops to explore since she has no eyes, but her sense of hearing and smell are at the top. When she is tired she will sit on her owner’s shoulders for a little piggy back ride, until she has the energy again. On the way back down she will sleep in a little cozy, nestled in front of her human.

All of this is told in words at the bottom of the video so the video itself can capture the most of Honeybee.

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