He Became A Big CELEBRITY. The Reason Why? Keep Your Eyes On His Legs


At only 18 inches high, a Tiny Horse that is aptly named Microdave just might be the tiniest horse in Great Britain. He’s an American miniature stallion and is actually two inches smaller than the smallest horse in the world, who is named Einstein. When Microdave was born, he was only 12 inches tall. For a point of reference, that’s as high as a two-liter bottle of soda. And, the average miniature foal in the U.S. is nine full inches taller than he is.

This video shows Microdave playing with his human Mum, a doggy friend and another miniature horse that’s at least five times bigger than he is. He can be seen being picked up by his Mum as if he were a baby or a puppy, not a horse, so that he can look over the gate on his stall. It also shows him nose-to-nose with a full-size horse, which is really quite amazing. He drags his Mum around and horse-plays with his yellow lab buddy. Then he appears to be falling asleep after a very long day of play. The only problem with this Tiny horse video is that it’ll make you want one, too.

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