He Collapsed In Front Of His Mom. What Happened? Unpredictable!


If you don’t have a child who occasionally throws tantrums for reasons best known to kids, then you have probably seen one or two in this state. If you thought this is something that only humans do, this video will make you think again about that assumption. Here, a baby elephant runs across a dusty road before throwing itself on the ground and rolls around in distress as if in protest.
Moments later, an adult elephant, probably the mother runs across the same road and passes the baby elephant without even looking at it. However, the baby continues with the tantrums and doesn’t follow the mother. Next a larger elephant, probably the bull also runs by, but with a much higher speed ignoring the baby. After seeing that the parents are having none of the drama, paying no attention, the baby elephant struggles to get up and rushes to its parents. Well, perhaps our parenting and that of elephants are not any different and babies will always be babies.

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