He Returns Home To Meet His Newborn Baby For The First Time. His Reaction? Priceless!


When a soldier is overseas they miss out on a lot of what their family goes through and they can sometimes miss the first moments in the lives of their children. One soldier was given a special opportunity upon his return home from overseas when his newborn baby’s birth coincided with his return home. This soldier was given the chance to meet his baby while she was still fresh and young. This video shares the soldier’s story with all of us so that we can rejoice with him. This emotional video shows some of the sacrifice that soldiers make for us while also showing us the great things that can happen in the life of a soldier when they return home to their family. This is a simple and gentle video that is basically narrated by the soldier. If you love newborn babies then the cute child in this video will help to make it all the more appealing to you.

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