He Steps Out Of The Cruiser. What The Camera Catches? You Will Have Chills!


The highway overpass is most certainly not a place for kittens, but somehow, this one manages to find his or her hiding place among the many loud rumbles of the cars flying past on the open road of Texas. In this inspiring display of human kindness and compassion, the lonely and frightened kitten’s cries catch the attention of a nearby police officer, who seeks out and coaxes the kitten into the open with a long object and gentle words.

The freeway is dark and vehicles rush by at high speeds, but the officer takes his time in his effort to own up to his responsibility to protect and save this fragile life. Although the officer’s attempts are at first resisted, he eventually draws out and carries the tiny kitten to safety.


Had it not been for the kind officer passing through the area, it is possible that no one may have noticed or stopped for the kitten hiding on the highway overpass. It now seems that the very fortunate little furry feline has a new hero. Sometimes, heroes appear to have this marvelous way of showing up just when they are needed the most.


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