He Wanted His Horse To Visit Him. The Reason Why? Touching!


A smile is sometimes the best medicine that a person can ask for.
There are some things that can make almost anyone smile. A lapdog makes people happy. Ponies also make people happy. A lap pony which is a small pony that thinks it can be a lap dog can make just about anyone smile.
When we face things that we are not used to seeing on a daily basis it can make us very happy.
When an old person is able to enjoy their golden years it can make people smile. An older person should be able to enjoy this time of their life. They have worked so hard and should be able to relax.There is a story about a grandmother and something special she shares with her granddaughter. Grandma left the nursing home to get the same tattoo as her granddaughter.
An older man was able to get up and out. He was determined to be able to go and see his furry friend with four legs once again.
Karl Holem was an 89 year old man who lived in Norway. He has always loved horses and enjoyed being around them.
He has gotten close to a small horse that his granddaughter owned. The horse was named Bolla. Karl’s health had taken a turn for the worse and he was put into an assisted living facility to help meet his needs. Since he was put into this home he was unable to see his beloved
Susan who was his granddaughter had an idea. She thought is her grandfather was not able to make it out to see Bolla there was not reason that Bolla could not come and see
Workers at the care home thought it was a great idea. If this was going to make Karl happy and keep him in a good mood they were filling to do what they could to help .
The others that lived at the home were all for the visit. They thought it was great that someone was going to bring a horse to them.
Bolla visit had such a great impact on the spirits of the nursing home was was received well from the residents. Inger Johanne Stensland who is the manager of the nursing home says that she is willing to let the pony come for another visit. Everyone at the nursing home thought this was a big event and enjoyed the time spend with Bolla. Even the employees were excited for the visit from the horse. The residents had so much fun and enjoyed their day. Bolla is welcome to come for a visit at the nursing home whenever she wants. The residents were so happy to have a visit and they loved having the horse come by and spend some time with them.
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