He Was Brought Down For A Contest. What The Man In Grey Did? WOW!


This little boy got the surprised of a lifetime. He was attending a baseball game and was told there was a surprise for him on the field. The boy could not image what the surprise could be. When he found out what it was it touched the hearts of everyone at the game.
Sergeant Adam Dowell was stationed overseas for a period of time. He knew he was coming home and wanted to make his homecoming special for his young son who missed him so much. His son was attending a baseball game and was called down to the field to see a surprise. He had on a blind fold so he did not know what it was. When he opened his eye his father was there with open arms waiting for him. The little boy could not have been more overjoyed to see his father. There was not a dry eye in the stadium after witnessing this touching moment.

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