He Was Busted For Being Naughty. What He Does? Hilarious!


Our pets can get into some mischief when we leave them alone in the house. Especially when there is more than one of them. But this doesn’t mean that a single pet doesn’t know how to get in trouble either. This short video shows you what happens when the owner comes home to find the kitchen trash can has been spilled over, and has made a mess all over the floor. Somebody had to do it, and that guilty dog might know who.

The owner of course knows who knocked over the trash can and her guilt dog is definitely the culprit here. As she films the guilty dog the poor thing is filled with remorse and scoots slowly away, backwards until he is no longer on camera. He knows what he did was wrong and either doesn’t want to be punished or is showing how sorry he is for doing the dirty deed. This tells you that animals do have a conscience, and can feel remorse.

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