Heartwarming Extreme Makeover: Homeless Shelter Edition


In Detroit Michigan, an organization called Detroit Rescue Mission brings much needed services to some of the neediest residents in the area. They help with everything, from long and short term shelter, to food and clothing, and a variety of medical help including addiction recovery. They work in the name of Jesus Christ, and help their residents learn principles of leading clean healthy lives, something whichmost of their residents had never been taught. And their Genesis House desperately needed a makeover.

Enchanted Makeovers is a unique interior design organization in Taylor, MI and their mission is to bring hope to the hopeless through creating comfortable and beautiful spaces. They redo the living spaces of homeless shelters and have other projects as well. Such as their Sacred Sewing Room project where people can come together not just to learn how to sew alongside one another, but also heal and learn to hope again.

So, when Enchanted Makeovers had their way at the Detroit Rescue Mission’s Genesis House, everyone celebrated. It was a powerful lesson in transformation for the long term residents who received personalized bed linens that matched the room d├ęcor. It’s a powerful example of people loving other people with the gifts they have.

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