Here Is A Clear Proof That Every Dog Knows Its Name


Here Is A Clear Proof That Every Dog Knows Its Name
Animals are nice creatures. But many of them do not have the intelligence which can make them do the things that human beings do. The only animal that has shown to respond to things like human when trained is a dog. Well trained dogs are capable of doing what other animals cannot.
In this incredible video, a lady is seen standing a few steps from the open gate of a fenced area. The area has many dogs. All the dogs are standing near the open gate.
The woman who is dressed in blue jeans and a red jacket begins to call the dogs, one at a time. Whenever a dog hears its name, it gets out. And if two are called at the same time, they both get out. It is such an interesting scenario.
She continues to call until only one dog is left in the enclosed area. She calls it but it seems confused. She calls it for second time. The last dog comes out. The woman smiles. This is absolutely incredible.

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