Homecoming for Canine Laverne and Shirley


For the canine Laverne and Shirley, their misadventure had a happy ending thankfully. The two Border collies were placed in a home in Vancouver for fostering after being removed from the filthy home of a hoarder. However, after just one day the two were run-aways, taking off deep into the Highland woods. Already traumatized and fearful of humans, their foster mom knew the search for them would be difficult. She was not going to give up hope though so a massive search was launched, with dedicated friends and neighbors joining in the effort. Bloodhounds, thermal imaging technology and posters were all deployed. Food was placed throughout the area, with cameras set-up which revealed the dogs were alive and well. After 61 days of looking, just days before Easter, the Victoria Humane Society was able to locate and capture the canine couple using food as bait and trapping them in an enclosure.
Cuddled up next to each other at home, the pair appears further traumatized by their time in the wild. But with each other for comfort, there is no doubt the pair can be rehabilitated.

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