Hope For Paws Rescues Street Chihuahua


A sweet little Chihuahua named Jenny had been living on the streets. The skittish dog was kept alive by handouts from neighbors on the street; however, she was quite shy and defensive, and hid under cars for safety.
Jenny’s life changed whena caring rescue worker from Hope for Paws got down on the ground with her to have a conversation. Lisa Chiarelli remained crouchedat Jenny’s level, while feeding her little treats and encouraging her to come closer. There was something in Lisa’s mannerisms that Jenny connected with as she moved close enough to be gently corralled with a slip lead. Immediately, the worker slipped a pretty leash on the lucky dog,gaveher some much needed affection, and took her to the vet’s for a bath and medical evaluation. The small dog had “cherry eye” which isa prolapse of the eyelid, correctable by surgery.
Jenny’s surgery was a success and she is now awaiting a forever home. To adopt Jenny, or another deserving pet, please contact Smooth Pooch Rescue, http://www.smoochpoochrescue.com/, and consider donating to Hope for Paws, http://www.hopeforpaws.org/, so that their dedicated workerscan keep hitting the streets to help homeless animals.

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