Horse Reunion Thrills Owner


A horse breeder in England has reunited three horses she has owned. It was a joyous and completely unexpected reaction. She was forced to sell one of the horses over four years ago because another business of hers became quite demanding. Now, after a couple of years, she was able to buy back the younger horse and was excited to reunite them once again. The three animals represented three generations of horses that she bred, so they were family. However, she was very surprised at how exuberant they all became when the one returned.She was unsure of how they would react, although she did expect the horses to recognize the younger one to some degree.
The horses were somewhat cautious when the younger returnee horse approached them. They gently put their necks side by side in a display of what one could only refer to as getting acquainted, or in this case, reacquainted. Clearly, something triggered the recognition, and they began to frolic and run together across the enclosure. Even to someone who may not familiar with animals or horses, it was clear they were happy and behaving in a celebratory manner. They ran together, squealed and were very clearly thrilled with their former playmate and family member.
The owner, an experienced horse breeder, was moved by the reunion and had it filmed and put to dramatic and engaging music. She was delighted at their playful and moving acts of delight. Horses can live for a few decades, but this had proven that elephants are not the only animals who never forget.

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