Hospital Cameras Catch Proof of Real Angel


In 2012, proof of a real angel manifestedon film. Thefamily of Chelsea Barton, a disabled teenager. were preparing to say goodbye to the seriously ill girl who lay dying. Chelsea is disabled and has suffered from many health issues, the most critical was pneumonia, for which she was hospitalized. Modern medicine had failed to cure her and herfate seemed inevitable. One hour after Chelsea was removed from life support, a glowing, white light figure appeared outside her room. Her mom thought that it may be an angel taking her daughter to heaven, or by a slim chance, it might just be a miracle.
When Chelsea miraculously recovered, the medical staff had no explanation for her survival. Some of the staff did see the lighted angel figure, and when the security monitoring tape was viewed, this heavenly apparition was plain to see.
For Chelsea’s family, and others who believe, this is just another sign that angels do exist. For skeptics, this proof of a real angel is hard to dismiss.

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