A House Made out of a Car


You’ve probably heard of people sleeping in a car during a road trip or while taking a break on the road. However, it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of people living full-time in their car. This is what an elderly couple does outside of Walmart at a parking lot. Why? They moved to Florida after a job offer, but the job didn’t happen.
For some reason, the man, Gordon, cannot access his VA retirement benefits. Social security helps with the costs, but not enough for them to have a place to sleep at. A couple of women were passing by when they saw the couple sleeping in the car. They offered to help with food, and used Facebook to ask for donations. The women helped the couple and their three dogs back on their feet. They’re still looking for foster homes for the dogs, but the couple is much better off now. Gordon hopes to find a construction work. Hopefully that turns out well!

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