Ignoring The Tiny Dog Was The Thief’s Biggest Mistake. This Hurt My Ribs!


I just found out that if you need all the neighborhood burglars to live 100 miles from your home, all you’ve to do is get a tough tiny dog. Before I drift off into another bout of uncontrollable laughter, let me first tell you about this video. I’m already cracking up!

Here’s a guy who, buy all gauges and judgments, doesn’t seem to harbor any good intentions for this nice environment. The guy walks in all so majestically – like a very genuine human –and then stops and sparks off the next few seconds of heavy drama. Wait!

So he stops, then turns back after he’s sure nobody is looking. The crook even starts tip-toeing towards his object of interest, and that’s when all hell breaks loose on his side. This hooligan probably saw a tiny dog and ignored the creature, but that’s before the little animal established the man’s true motive. What happens next is an excellent scene from an action movie. The man seems to develop some urgency for acrobatics as the small creature bays for his blood. You should see him jump over fences and buildings trying to get away!
This is too hilarious. You can be sure this guy will never walk a mile near that home.

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