Kittens That Were Left To Die Are Now Happy Traveling The World!


These Were Kittens Were Left To Die But Are Now Traveling Happily In The World!

One night, there were two human people who were taking out the garbage when they noticed something that broke their heart, and made them spring into action. There were two kittens that had been dumped without any further thought in the bushes that were behind the trash bins.

These two human rescuers planned on taking the abandoned kittens to a local shelter, in the hopes that they would find themselves a new home, but the shelter wasn’t opened up that late at night.

Therefore, the kittens did have to go home with them for the night, and naturally the humans started to fall in love with their new little friends.

However, these humans had a trip planned the very next morning, and this trip was to be all about exciting things to do. These exciting things to do included canoeing, hiking, and camping for two days. They didn’t want to leave these kittens alone by themselves while they were gone. What could they do?

Finally, they had no choice, and this choice was to take the cute furry felines along with them.

If you are thinking that a cat wouldn’t enjoy this, think again, because cats are described as being very outdoorsy kind of animals. If you don’t believe this, ask Kuli, he is a one-eyed cat that adores surfing!

These two kittens named Bolt and Keel are now going along with their humans on all sorts of natureadventures doing this and that. Just check out what they have been up to, as of late, down below.


Despite the fact that their lives started out way rough, brother cats, Bolt and Keel are doing just fine. They are out and about with their new human adoptive pet parents enjoying all sorts of nature adventures here and there. They just love accompanying their humans on trips to this and that.


If these daring kittens get tired of walking, they have it easy, all they have to do is hop into a waiting backpack or shoulder to take in the scenery. Way to go, kitties!


A hood is just the right thing to become the best vantage point. Yay!


And, of course, the truth is the truth. These kitties do love to stick together. It doesn’t matter if it is in a backpack or whatever else….


Or, by car….

Or, by boat….

On Instagram – Bolt and Keel

Keel and Bolt love to go kayaking or canoeing a whole lot with their human friends. They have appeared to have grown quite accustomed to water. Plus, there is also, so much for them to see too!


On Instagram – Bolt and Keel

The lives of these adventuresome kitties may have turned out very different, if they didn’t get found like they were, and that would’ve been grim. But now, they are living very large, and enjoying the great outdoors while still being totally cared for and loved.


These kittens are also not adverse to dabbing in some very harsh conditions.


Of course, it’s always preferable to be snuggled up to, a nice and caring human

11In addition to, a companion that is for life-long!


Because of their rescue, these kittens don’t have a worry in the world, and all they have to worry about is planning their next adventure with their humans!

You can view more of Bolt and Keel’s adventures on their Instagram page, and or on in their blog, and do be sure to SHARE their adventures with your other feline-loving friends too!

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