Learn the great story of an unhealthy dog who was treated better with a new owner


There are many wonderful and emotional stories about animals who have had tough lives but have made it through, having a much happier life as a result. In this story we get to see how a dog was left so that it was uncared-for and was on the verge of dying due to an healthy living. However, It was then picked up by a foster mum who cared for it and brought it back to a good level of health. This included a pedicure that would help the dog become far healthier.

The story continues and the dog was adopted by the foster mum and began to live a far happier life than it ever had done before. In the video we get to see the dog enjoying treats and playing yoga with its owner. If you would like to watch this video and enjoy this positive story then click the following link and share it with other friends and family who may also enjoy it as well.

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