Little Girls Gets to Dance with the Rockettes


There are some great shows that happen during the holiday season. The Rockettes are some of the most famous of the dancing team. This team of ladies performs dance moves in perfect harmony at their Christmas Spectacular that is held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. A little girl was about to get the surprise of her lifetime. She was allowed to dance with the Rockettes.
The Rockettes were performing on the Rachel Ray show and a six year old girl with a disability go out on stage with these dancers and show her moves along with them. The Rockettes followed the dance moves of this little girl and they danced to Christmas music. The child was the center of the show and she put on a great performance. While this girl may have a special health condition she has the dance moves to keep up with his famed group. It is not every day that a six year old dances with the Rockettes.

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