Lonely, Abandoned Dog Makes a Joyful Turn After Rescue


There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful dog sad, scared and alone. If you’ve ever seen a dog who desperately wants love, you know exactly what I mean because you can see it in their eyes. Blossom, the dog in this video, was such a dog. She was sad, scared, hungry, alone and completely abandoned – and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But, the transformation that occurs in just a very short time is nothing short of amazing.
At the beginning of this video, the rescuers find Blossom leaning up against a wall on the front porch of a vacant, deserted home. You can see the sadness in her eyes, and she is quickly taken to get help turning her life around. Many times it takes a dog quite a while to warm up to others and trust them, yet surprisingly, that didn’t happen this time. After a short rehabilitative period, Blossom begins to exude a whole different personality, rolling in the dirt, wagging her tail, and practically smiling at the camera.
Dogs are meant to be pack animals and spend their days happy within their family unit. Whether they are people, fellow canines, or other animals they’ve befriended and taken in as part of their own, a dog wants nothing more than to simply be healthy and happy. This video proves that every dog can be a lovable addition to any home. Check it out and perhaps even consider adopting one of the many rescue dogs that are anxiously awaiting a new family to love.

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