Lost-Lost Brothers Get Re-united in the Most Surprising Way


Two long-lost brothers just got re-united in an unusual way – and a Waldoboro, Maine furniture store is responsible for it. One brother, Gary, had been working at the furniture store for seven years when new-hire Randy came along. They had been working together for a about a month and a half delivery furniture, and nearly everyone they delivered to kept saying they looked like brothers, but they didn’t really think much about it at first.
After it kept happening, however, Randy thought about the information he’d found prior to getting the job at the furniture store. He found out his parent’s birth names, and knew he had a younger brother somewhere, but he only knew the first name and a birth date. So, one day, Randy decided to ask Gary a couple odd questions, including if he was adopted, his birth date, and if he knew his birth parent’s names.
Both men had been adopted by people who lived in the same county, so they grew up near each other and never knew one another until they started working together. What a fantastic gift to get, finding one another’s own flesh and blood! It certainly shows that sometimes fate just has a way of pulling things together when you least expect it. Now, these two long-lost brothers will be able to share everything they’ve missed in the past years — which is pretty much a lifetime of memories. This is a great feel-good story that you’ll definitely want to see.

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