Loyal dag guards its passed out owner on the street.


Men’s best friend seems to develop an affection for their owners from a tender puppy age. This is the case of a person who passes out in the middle of busy street in china and his puppy stays by him just to make sure that he is safe. Even when the police come to the rescue of the man, the puppy tries to sneer them away just to make sure that his is safe. Though the puppy didn’t know that it was putting its owner’s life in danger, it innocently thought that the best it could do for the unconscious man was ensure people stayed away from him. The agility with which it was quick to protect its best friend is what amazes everyone. It was even a nightmare for the first aid team to get past it so as to tend to the unconscious man. It was later allowed into the where its owner had been laid as it would have been a nuisance had it not been let in. the whole incident was caught on tape and can be found on YouTube as “Loyal dag guards its passed out owner on the street.

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