Man Is Going the Extra Mile so People Fall in Love Again with Writing by Hand


As the years go by, technology progresses in great measure. Nowadays, in order to get a message across, one opts to send an email, send a text, or conduct aninstant messaging chat session. Have you noticed that not a lot of people opt to actually get a hold of a pen and notebook in order to write . . .the way it was done before all of these things started to take off? Things are changing; there is no doubt about that, but there is one man, in particular,who is trying to make people feel an interest for the pen again.
The name of this man is Jake Weidmann. This video, which has been watched by more than four million individuals in just afew months, showcases this man, who is a master penman. He just loves the pen ever since he was a little kid. When he was in school, he used to be the last one to go to recess, as he would take a long time to write his sentences.
From a young age, he knew that writing was a craft, and thus, he wanted to master it. He certainly was able to do so. He is recognized worldwide as the youngest penman. Mr. Widmann is going the extra mile for this type of craft to always be present, as he considers it to be very valuable to humanity.
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