Man Keeps His Composure While Singing to His Dying Wife


In this video, we see a 93-year-old woman in the hospital while her husband (of roughly the same age at 92) stops by for a visit where the man signs to his 93-year-old dying wife. While the majority of the couple’s interaction tends to be warm and heartfelt, we’re given a brief moment of comic relief at the start as the couple joke around, despite the woman being on her deathbed. They joke around about cheating on each other and a few other things until things get a little bit more serious. Eventually, we hear some music playing in the background as the coupled exchange I love you’s. Out of nowhere, the man begins singing along to what they couple considered their love song, the song which comforted the wife while her husband was overseas, fighting in World War 2. At any rate, you have to admire the man’s courage, as he sings the song while keeping his composure in what one would have to assume was the most emotional day of his life.

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