Marine Gets Happy Surprise When Reunited with his K-9 Companion


Marines who served in Afghanistan often did so with a canine by their side. These heroic dogs diddangerous jobs like sniffing out bombs and search and rescue operations. Casey was with Marine Sergeant Ross Gundlach on over150 combat missions. Casey is credited for saving many lives, including that of her marine partner.
Half way though their tour of duty, Sgt. Gundlach promised Casey that if they made it out Afghanistan alive, he would do all he could to find her.
When Sgt. Gundlach attended a ceremony for Armed Services Day, he was told he could make a plea for the return of his beloved dog, who had been transferred for duty when the marine went home. Casey was on duty at a Fire Station; however, and they agreed that she could come home. Unbeknownst to Sgt. Gundlach his adoption petition for Casey had been granted.
To the marine’s surprise, he didn’t need to make a plea, she was already at the ceremony, and waiting to get a hug from her long lost friend.
“I owe her,” Sgt. Gundlach remarked, “And I’m going totake care of her.”
Dogs serving alongside soldiers create powerful bonds, and this story of reuniting is about one gift given to a soldier,who has given so much for his country.

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