Meet Patsy’s Angel and Find Hope


When Patsy’s Angelwas rescued, she was a horse that was very afraid of humans. Her life had been an unhappy one and she had even lost her foal. Patsy took Angel in and was determined to show her humans were not all that bad. With each touch, Patsy worked her way into Angel’s heart, realizing Angel had already found a place in her’s.

This touching story ofPatsy’s Angel will bring the hardest of hearts to tears as the beautiful music plays and you become enthralled in the story of the relationship between Angel and Patsy.Patsy’s Angel became a mother once again through the aid of a little lamb who adopted her and followed her everywhere she went. The story ofPatsy’s Angel is one that will inspire people to realize just how deeply our furry friends feel and love. WatchPatsy’s Angel, but be prepared with a couple of tissues, just in case.

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