Military dad gives son a surprise visit on closing day,look at the kid’s reaction. Breathless!


this past Thursday was the Closing day for the elementary school. During the closing ceremony, Christopher wore an army T-shirt in honor of his dad who he was yearning to come back home at the end of the month, but little did he know that he was in for a big surprise.Christopher’s dad could not believe that he was actually under the same roof as his son, after being away for 11 months of training. He kept wondering how his son would react upon seeing him; if he will faint on the floor or take to his heels.The whole class sang a song then Christopher led them in the reciting of the pledge ligancy. While reciting, a familiar face appeared from behind the curtains holding a teddy bear in the hands and reciting the pledge too. It was his dad. The father could not hold the emotion of seeing his son and vice versa. They both hugged each other while shedding tears of joy. What a wonderful moment for the two of them! They stayed embraced for a long time while the whole class kept watching.

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