Military Honors and Burial Given to Dog Who Served


Max was a beautiful german shepherd who did four years of active duty with the United States Air Force. When his service was done in 2007, he went to live with New Hampture native Pam Pelton. “I like to think that Max protected somebody’s’ son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister.” says Pam.No one wants a beloved animal that has become a part of the family to pass away, but when Max did die in 2012 it was fitting that it was on Memorial day. That was when her search began to find Max’s final resting place. Most cemeteries rejected max, stating that his place was in a pet cemetery. Pam would have none of that, insisting that “He wasn’t a pet, he was a soldier.”Max was finally laid to rest at MSPCA Hillside Acre Cemetery. They have since a portion of their acreage there to War dogs, and the first one to be buried there was Max.

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