Miracle As Mom Gives Birth To Record Breaking Twins Born 87 Days Apart


Marie Jones-Eliot and her husband Chris knew that they would get twins. Already they were having two children. Indeed their prediction was correct. However, nobody including doctors knew the fate that was awaiting the family.
‘’ I always felt that I was going to have twins-even when I found out that I was pregnant, Chris said that‘ll be twins then as they run in the family,’’ Maria told The Mirror’s Sarah Arnold. When she was 23 weeks pregnant, Maria went into labor about 4 months early. She was distraught when the doctor informed the couple to prepare for the worst.
‘’The doctors told me there was very little hope of them surviving as they were so premature. I thank God Chris was by my side. I was sobbing and in shock, but I refused to give up. I kept saying ‘This is not going to happen- I’m not going to lose them,’’ she said.
All hope seemed lost but the miracle happened……
Warning: Some hospital images might be disturbing to some viewers

Maria Jones-Elliot was pregnant with twin girls. But this situation had turned into a nightmare at 23 weeks and 5 days.
Doctors had warned the couple that chances of twins surviving were limited. Marie delivered Amy, 4 months before her due date. The other twin was not delivered at that time.
The doctors confessed that they had never experienced a thing like that before. It was supposed to be a joyous moment but instead it was horrific. ‘’I had one baby in the intensive care and one inside me, clinging to life… I willed my babies to fight for life. I prayed to God, day and night, asking him for a miracle.’’
The doctors made attempts to induce the pregnancy, but Maria allowed nature to take its course.
Later on, after 87 days, Katie was born and both girls are fine.
’When they put Katie in my arms, she smiled at me and nurse said, ‘’She’s fine’’. We both cried. We reunited the twins two hours later. ‘Amy was still being kept in an incubator. Katie’s cot was put beside it.’ Marie says.

This rare incident of miracle twins born with a difference of 87 days apart broke a record that had been held by Peggy Lynn who delivered twins 84 days apart.
‘’I’m so honored to have had these two girls that are so special. For all of us to be here, could I be any luckier? ’’, Maria said.

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