Mom Finds Happiness After Her Children Leave By Constructing a Tiny House


While many people dream of living in a giant and luxurious mansion, other people just feel more at home in a tiny house. Whether it’s to make a point to other people or to enjoy the simplicities that come with a smaller house, the tiny house is very popular among certain sectors.

As we remember from previously, Peter Matheson, 70, has greatly benefited from the features of a tiny house, and he has shown that just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s impossible to live in.

M.J. Boyle had a different point to prove when she built her tiny home, and it’s a story well worth sharing. As her children grew up, she turned her attention to constructing a house that would serve her well as she grew older. Her blog “My Empty Nest” documents her tale and notes her observations and opinions of passion and purpose.

Enjoy these photos and share with us your opinions!

1Her interest of “all things tiny and old” grew at the age of 12. She became keen on an old farmhouse and immediately began drawing up plans for a special tiny house of her own.


Her own tiny home on wheels, “My Empty Nest”, was completed in just over a year and required plenty of time, effort and resources – but the hard work has paid off. While a few things still need doing – a composting toilet must be added and sealing and caulking is required – the home has worked out wonderfully and looks great.


Her home has become extremely important to her, and she sees it as a place of refuge and comfort now, since her children have left home. She labels her home her “happy place” and sees it as a place that allows her to overcome challenges and solve problems.


The construction has given M.J. an additional sense of purpose and the belief in herself that she can take on such challenges. Even as troubles have arisen, instead of being downbeat, she has seized the initiative to make the most of a tricky situation.


All of M.J.’s friends have been invited to visit her home, and they have been amazed about the success of her project.


M.J. considers the project as “bittersweet”. Although she is now living alone and has a quiet life, the house brings back all the joy and memories from her past.

M.J. is currently unsure if she wants to move into the tiny home full-time. she says she plans to complete the time capsule located above the doorway, upholster the chairs and also add barnwood accents.


She wrote that while she may be the home’s only official occupant, the house will never be empty, whatever happens.

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Although times have moved on and her children have become adults, M.J. is convinced that the brilliant memories from this home will live on and that they will come once again if her children ever have grandchildren.

See more of M.J.’s home at her blog here. And, if you would love to live in a home similar to this, then share this post!

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