More Than Three Hundred Years on the Planet: 3 Sisters Defy the Odds


When you think about being 100 years old, it seems nearly impossible. After all, if most people make it into their nineties in good health and spirit, they are considered truly blessed. Even when people do live well into their nineties and over a hundred, it’s pretty rare that their siblings do the same. Not so for this family! These three sisters defy the odds and make it through a full century together, and this video is quite touching.
These three sisters’ reunion was shot by Mike Henriques at Montage Media Productions, and it captures their pure joy. Sitting in the room together after not having seen each other in over a decade, they were all extremely happy to see one another again. When asked how they felt? One sister said with a smile, “Old. Real Old.” Ain’t that the truth!
These three still look pretty darn good for their age, however, and one can only hope that they live as long as they do with heart and soul still made of pure gold. They surely have seen a lot in their collective three hundred-plus years on the planet, and they are an example of how grateful we all need to be. Check their charming interview out, and please share with others!

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