What Is Mrs Brown Doing Under Grandpa’s Crotch?


We have all had that awkward moment when you do something that is entirely innocent. However, from where others are standing, they see it in an entirely different light. You can, for example, be talking on the phone and say something that is totally embarrassing to you. However, to those who know what is going on, it can also be entertaining. That happens when the person standing or sitting next to you does not understand the context of your conversation. That is what occurred in the entertainment video below when Hilary left her phone behind. She was just left when she remembered she had the left her cell phone behind. She went back inside the house to get it.

That is when she heard her phone ringing; the only challenge was that grandpa was sitting on it. She tried to wake up grandpa, but it looked like he was dead asleep. Then somehow the call got answered, and the caller started talking. She felt she had no choice but to respond to the caller while grandpa was still sitting on her phone. She could not hear the speaker clearly, so leaned closer to grandpa’s crotch to listen closely to the caller. Still, she could not listen to what the caller was saying, so she decided to fish it out. That is when the priest walked in on her. Watch the video and share it with your friends. It is one of the best entertainment videos you will ever watch.

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