No One Knows It’s a Blind Pug. Everyone Knows He’s Lovely


Judge Honorable Sabrina Johnson presents her lovely dog, a blind dog she adopted from Michigan Pug rescue, a collaborator with Michigan Humane Society. Mikey the pug was blind, and had a few more eye issues including Glaucoma. He was very pained by his eyes, and they were removed. After adoption, Hon. Johnson only had the dog on leash around her house thrice before she took the leash off; he got a hang of everything. He knew where the furniture, her bed, the door, and pretty much everything were. It seemed like he used cognitive mapping, something dogs seem to have. She did the same on-leash off-leash trend with Mikey wherever he went. He would occasionally bump into a tree in the park, but he would shake it off and continue playing. No one knew he was blind until she told them.
She rescued him, but really, he rescued her, the judge said. Everyone loved him; he lifted up and softened even the toughest person. The video encourages everyone to adopt a dog, as they can really make a difference. The judge admitted that he was the love of her life.

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