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Nurses play an important role in health care facilities. They have direct contact with patients and their families. They have to advocate for the patients, plan out care, and hold everything together.
When a patient dies the nurses want to greave but they often do not have the time. They need to regain strong for the families.
Nurses carry the pain of loss with them all the time. In August 2015 a nurse that homlesshippie. A letter was posted online after a nurse had to tell the parents of a young girl that she was killed in a car accident. The letter is honest, brutal, and powerful.
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This is an open letter to the parents who I had to tell that their daughter was dead this morning.
You were obviously devastated . By the time your daughter was brought in she was unresponsive. She was dead by the time she got here but we tried to save her. We worked on her for 45 minutes. She had a closed skull fracture and nothing we could do would bring her back. We fanned out her hair to cover some of the swelling. No one should have to see their child like that.
I stood next to the doctor as he broke the news. There is no good way to tell people their loved one is dead especially a child.
No, she did not suffer. The crash also left two others in critical conditions and it happened so fast.
You feel to the floor of the hospital not caring what kind of germs was on it. Your world shattered in a matter of seconds. You screamed and held each others.
I did offer to help but only clung to each other harder. I passed the tissues and water. I wanted to ease your pain and suffering in the politically correct ways that the hospital allows. I offer a pat on the back. I had to leave you.
You do not know this but I am shattered too.
I cried on my way home. I found your daughter on facebook. She was beautiful. She had her whole life ahead of her. Things are not fair.
I was angry when I got home. I dropped to the floor and cried.
I do not have any children but I have an 18 year old brother. He has friends and could have easily been in a car accident himself.
I am sorry you will never know this. I never knew her but I still grieve for her.
Nurses are not allowed to show our emotions but we do care. We hurt too.
Nurses care more than their patients are allowed to see. Please SHARE this post with your facebook friends.

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