NY police officer does an act of kindness that will be forever remebered.


Of late, a photograph is becoming very popular on the social media, thanks to the tourists from Arizona who took it with their cellphones. In the photo, a NYC. Police Officer is giving out boots to a homeless man. One of the tourists by the name of Jennifer was responsible of sending the photo to the NYPD, who later posted it on the department’s Facebook page.In a very short time, there were thousands of comments from viewers, like this one who wrote that in times when we are depressed and showered with bad news, the human spirit and the act of kindness is what really matters.The photo was taken about 2 weeks ago, when the officer spotted the homeless man barefooted while patrolling in the cold night. On seeing the blister at his feet which were the size of his hand, Jerry DE primo went up to him and asked if he needed a pair of socks. The man responded that it was not necessary and thanked the officer telling God to bless him. This touched DePrimo, a lot because he was able to tell him that and he had nothing on.He rushed to the stores to buy him some boots, but had to come back to ask the number of his feet, which was 12. He went back to the stores again and Jose Cano, the manager, was a kind enough to give him a discount.Even though he never remembers his name, Deprimo still recalls his reaction upon receiving the shoes. He put a big smile on his mouth and told the officer to stay safe and for the Lord to bless him. Deprimo said that he always walked with the receipt in his bullet proof vest, like a reminder of the needy people.

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