Old Wedding Dresses Used to Send Off Little Angles


When a family loses a baby there are no words to express the pain that they are feeling. This woman is trying her best to help ease the pain. The woman turns old wedding dresses into treasured gifts for the mourning families.
This woman from Rancho Cordova is using her sewing ability to turn old wedding dresses into something new. She uses these dresses to make little dresses and then turn them into something special. These dresses can then be used to bury the little girls in this tiny form of a dress. Many say that the babies look like angels when they are wearing these dresses. This woman does not want money for her little angel grows. She is trying to ease the pain for their mourning families and to let them know their little angle will be able to rest in peace. This story is trying to make lives a little bad after something tragic has happened.

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