One Cow Surprised Everyone When She Delivered Quadruplet Calves


When four calves were born to one cow it surprised everyone! The farmer didn’t know that there were four babies that the cow was carrying, and the surprise was a good one, as all four of the calves have survived. They were born very tiny, though, and the farmer is seeking help in caring for them.
Watch this video of the rare quadruplet calves born in Texas, and you will love to see how tiny, soft and adorable they are. You will be amazed by this story, and you will love to hear every detail of it. The cow delivered the calves on her own, and she did an amazing job. All four of the calves are doing well, and that is a great thing to hear.
There aren’t too many quadruplet cows out there, and that is what makes this story so special. Go ahead and watch the video right now to see all that goes on.

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