Out of the Dark and into Hope


After raising 5 boys, the Lierows were not daunted by the challenge of raising Danielle, an orphan everyone told them they would not be able to handle. Kept locked in a small room inside a roach infested home pungent with the scent of cat urine and feces, Daniel was underweight and beyond severely delayed developmentally. Upon hearing of her condition, the Lierows were angered at her circumstances and amazed at her survival and determined they could provide her with a loving home. Through the adoption process, Daniel lived in a group home, learning new things each day and frequently visiting with Lierows. On October 29, 2007, Daniel became part of the Lierow family. But the difficulties were not over as Daniel was not potty-trained, could not eat with a knife and fork and was delayed in other areas. But through the love and dedication of her adoptive parents, she made great strides in her development; swimming, riding horses and completing some self-care. Although she has a long way to go, her story has become a source of hope and inspiration to others, leading many to pursue adoption and fostering children.

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