The Pack Is Back Video


Having you been searching the Internet high and low for a touching story about adopting a dog? Perhaps you simply enjoy watching videos about adorable puppies, and how much their owners love them. Animal lovers far and wide will truly enjoy The Pack Is Back. This delightful video centers on Sam, a dog that was adopted four years ago when she was a wee bit puppy. Sam’s parents absolutely adore her. The video captures her growing from a puppy into a full size dog over the four-year period. If you are wondering how her liter mates made out, don’t worry. At the end of the video they have a four-year reunion. All of the puppies seem to have loving families, and the dogs picked up exactly where they left off with each other. This video is an inspiration for anyone that is even thinking about adopting a dog. If you happen to be on the fence about it, just go for it. You may even end up with a dog as wonderful as Sam.

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