Panic As Grandmother Sneaks Out Of Nursing Home To Get A Tattoo


Sadie is a 79-year old grandmother. She is the mother to Tony Sellers, a man that lives in Northern Ireland. One day, Tony decided to go and visit his mother in Daleview House nursing home. To his surprise, on arrival, he realized that the grandmother of 11 children was nowhere to be found!
‘’We have met rebellious seniors before, but this is certainly the worst’’. It was discovered that Sadie had vacated the premises without informing the staff! All that Tony knew is that his mother Sadie had been visited by her granddaughter Samantha. He just wondered where they could have fled to.
In few hours time, the mystery ended and it went viral. See where the grandmother had gone. The truth will surprise you.
Tony could hardly find his 79 year old grandmother who had had been staying in Daleview House nursing home in UK. But he had an idea that the granddaughter Samantha had visited her.
When they finally traced her, they found Sadie at a local tattoo parlor. She had escaped in order to get her first tattoo in company of her granddaughter Samantha.
She had seen a tattoo on Samantha and was inspired to have one of her own- a sweet simple design that took the shape of a heart.
When she was asked about how her family would react to the new ink on her left shoulder, she blatantly responded ‘’I don’t care”. She added that it wasn’t painful. The fella said it had been completed 5 minutes ago when I asked him how long it takes. He then laughed at me.
‘’When you get to my age, you just have to live life to the full every day,’’ she told The Mirror.

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