Perth’s Long Lost Sisters Knew Each Other All Along, Unaware Of Their Same Blood


We’ve all seen news stories of parents who lose their children, spending a lifetime looking for them, sometimes to no avail. In this particular news story; however, we follow a woman who lost her parent. In the video, we learn that the woman in question, now well into her adult years, just saw her birth certificate for the first time, thus realizing her original last name. She looked for others with the same last name in the phone book, looking around for anyone who might happen to be her father. After writing a letter to a specific person with the same last time, she got a phone call from her sister, who she knew for years, just not as a sister. While her father was in the hospital with a terminal illness by the time they were reunited, Perth’s long lost sisters are now reunited, giving the story a happy ending. The video ends with the woman meeting the rest of her family, sharing stories of their lives.

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