Philippines Reality Show Unknowingly Reunites Father And Son In This Heartwarming Tale


Barry Bogart Jr., former NFL player and contestant of Wowowee – the Philippines’ American Idol-esque reality show – poured out his heart and sole after his set. Reflecting on his mother, whom he had lost at the age of five, then reaching out on camera to his long lost father, whom he had never met; letting him know that even if his father doesn’t care about him, he still wants to see him. Barry – just like the audience – couldn’t hold back his tears.

Luckily, someone whom Barry had never met happened to be watching. As a now-grown-up orphan who also couldn’t hold back his tears during Barry’s monologue, he changed Barry’s life forever. After tracking down Barry and doing some detective work, he found Barry’s long lost father. After confirmation from DNA tests, the kind stranger paid for the trip for Barry to see his father. The above video shows just how powerful the bond between father on son can be, even when they’re complete strangers.

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