Police Officer Receives a Heartwarming Retirement Send-Off After 28 Years of Service


This video showcases the touching final send-off for a Police Officer who is retiring after twenty-eight long years of service. As the officer calls in his last code three, the dispatcher shows his respect, love, and gratitude for a fellow officer who has stood the test of time and years of placing his life in danger to protect his fellow citizens. They say no cop truly retires from his duty, but this one appears to truly deserve his coming rest.

As you watch this video, your heart will swell with pride over the many men and women who daily risk their lives for our safety. Although the police are sometimes given a bum rap, there are millions of officers who put on their uniforms every day, kiss their families goodbye, and go out into the line of fire to keep people safe. Next time you see a Police Officer, remember this video and make sure you thank them for their service.

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